Monday, October 14, 2013

Big Tottoro Bento Box Recipe

Here's a really big cute bento box inspired by the Japanese favorite, Tottoro. The animated classic is about two sisters who move to a new rural town and befriend the benevolent nature spirit Tottoro. The rice  balls are easier to make than you think;

The big Tottoro at the top are made with two kinds of rice, regular white rice and rice mixed with seaweed sprinkles or food coloring to change the color. Make a white rice ball, then wrap the colored rice over the top and shape the ears. Don't forget to wet your hands first. The eyes and mouth are cut from sliced cheese or kameboko(cooked Japanese fish paste cakes). The details are nori seaweed.

The Neko-Bus, (Cat-Bus) is made with fried rice and the details are cheese and nori.

The three Makuro-kurosuke (black soot ghosts) at the bottom are small rice balls covered with nori and made with cheese and nori eyes.

At the bottom, you see some little Tottoro shaped from mashed potatoes. Let your imagination go.


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