Monday, October 14, 2013

Doraemon Face Bento Box Recipe

Doremon, the magical cat is one of the most beloved Japanese characters. Here's a cute Doraemon face bento box you can make. First make a white rice ball. Doraemon is blue. Blue is a tricky color in bentos This mother mixed egg white powder and sweet potato powder. You could use blue food coloring mixed with rice. Wrap the blue rice around the white rice ball. The cat face details are made with nori seaweed. The eyes are white cheese and seaweed. The nose and collar are crab sticks. Note the half grain of rice on the nose to give a balloon-like 3D image. The bell is a circle of yellow cheese or egg sheet with nori.

The present to the right is a square cut from a sweet potato with crab stick skin ribbon.
The big ribbon is a slice of ham with alphabet pasta to spell "Happy Birthday".
Your Doraemon fan will love it.

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