Monday, October 14, 2013

Kintaro Bento Box Recipe

Kintaro is a famous character from Japanese folktales. He was a wild boy who grew up in the mountains with his mother. He was extremely strong and befriended the animals kind of like Tarzan. Kintaro grew up to become a famous Samurai. He's always depicted as a little boy, naked except for his red baby apron, with a bowl haircut, riding on a bear.

The bear is three rice balls covered in nori seaweed. The face details are cheese and nori. Kintaro is shaped with several smal balls of fried rice and his face details are nori. The red baby apron is cut from a crab stick. The Chinese character on the front, "Kin", which means gold, is also made from nori. Behind him is a Koi-nobori or carp-streamer. Kintaro and carp streamers are symbols for Children's Day or Boys' Day on May 5th. Making Japanese style bentos is also a way to teach about Japanese culture.

Kagisho Bento

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