Monday, October 14, 2013

Tottoro Bento Boxes Everywhere

キミと一緒に ~太郎・小太郎・お弁当~

Here's anothr great picture from Mahiro-mama showing a collection of Tottoro theme bento boxes by many mothers. Tottoro is a big rice ball covered in nori seaweed with a hole cut out for the tummy. The eyes and moth are cut from sliced cheese with nori details. The ears and whiskers are made from slightly hardr kombu(kelp) seaweed.

The little "Makuro-kurosuke" ghosts are meatballs with cheese and nori eyes.  There's also a rolled omelet and broccoli and cherry tomat. The striped thing is a slice of sweet potato peeled in strips. This is so cute and easy. Te kids will love it. It is also very well balanced.


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