Monday, November 25, 2013

7 Stupendous Rilakkuma Bento Box Recipes

Rilakuma is a very popular cute character from Japan. His name comes from Rilak, short for "Relaxing", and kuma, Japanese for bear and he's always depicted sleeping or resting. You might think of him as lazybear. Aside from toys and cartoon shorts, Rilakuma adorns a wide variety of goods like bags, clothes, and lunchboxes. Rilakkuma is also a favorite theme for Japanese bentos. Here's a round-up of 7 inspiring Rilakkuma bento box recipes you can try for your kids.

1. Cute Rilakkuma Rice Ball Bento Box Recipe

2. Rilakkuma Bento Box Recipe
Rilakuma Bento Box Recipe

3. Rilakkuma Panda Bento Box Recipe
Rilakuma Panda Bento Box Recipe

4. Rilakkuma Character Inari-zushi Recipe

5. Halloween Rilakkuma Bento Box Recipe

6. Cute Rilakkuma Bento Box Recipe
Cute Rilakuma Bento Box Recipe

7. "Sleeping" Rilakkuma Bento Box Recipe

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