Friday, January 31, 2014

Snail with Hearts Rice Ball Bento Box Recipe

This is a really cute snail rice ball bento box. You need 2 flavors of rice, white rice and something else. The one above is mixed with salmon flakes to make it peach. You could mix egg yolks for yellow or green peas for green. Make a round, saucer shaped colored rice ball for the shell. Make the body from white as shown above. Use pretzel sticks or raw pasta for the eye stalks and peas for the eyes. Use nori seaweed for the eyes, mouth, and shell spiral. Use little pieces of cherry tomato skin for the rosy cheeks. The hearts above are made from sections of a rolled omelet. Take one section, cut in half diagonally and invert to make the heart. It's the same method to make little wiener hearts. Add ketchup hearts on the egg and mayonnaise hearts on the broccoli. This could be a great Valentine's Day bento, too.

nori 2

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