Wednesday, February 5, 2014

7 Awesome Stitch Bento Box Recipes

Stitch, the naughty, trouble making alien from Lilo and Stitch, has been the theme for many a bento box for kids. Here's a round up of 7 awesome Stitch Bento Box Recipes for kids.

1. Easy Stitch Bento Box Recipe
Fun Bento

2. Stitch Face Bento Box Recipe
Lba Stitch-1
Lunchbox Awesome

3. Easy Blue Stitch Riceball Bento Box

Kawaii Otaku

4. Blue Stitch Rice Bento Box Recipe
cartoon bento box lilo and stitch

5. Artistic Stitch Bento Box Recipe

6. Stitch Bento Box Recipe

7. Scrump from Lilo & Stitch Bento Box Recipe

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